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Community Based Organization Partners (CBOP) – “home” of the Community Ethics Review Board (CERB).  The purpose of the CERB is to serve as a safety net to ensure that research conducted in the community is ethically safe, morally sound, and provides equal benefit to the community.

The CERB reviews research projects to make sure that:

  • The community is engaged and informed

  • It will benefit from said research

  • Projects are sensitive to the community’s culture and needs

  • Needs and concerns about research are heard and addressed

  • A feedback loop is provided where research results will be disseminated to the community

  • for its use and its benefit

  • The community is educated about research

CBOP CERB Membership Invitation!

The CBOP Community Ethics Review Board (CBOP CERB) is a community led review process established to examine potential and actual research proposals, programs, and services, utilizing an ethical community lens to conducting research and delivering services. The CBOP CERB is comprised of community members who are dedicated and trained to review submitted projects for community ethics alignment and are provided a modest stipend for their services  Projects are reviewed at any stage of development from conceptualization  through completion.  CBOP-CERB also provides on-going community guidance as requested by project leads.


One pillar of CBOP’s mission includes educating the community on the benefits of health research and improving the social determinants of health (SDOH).  In an effort to strengthen and sustain that pillar through the CBOP CERB, we encourage community members with an interest in protecting the community from unethical research to complete and submit the online application to begin the CBOP-CERB board membership expansion process.




Click the form application below.

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